• Planetarium and science museum
    For families or science and astronomy enthusiasts, the Planetarium & Science Museum in Bangkok is the ideal place to spend a pleasant afternoon discovering many interesting things. The center is spread over four buildings, but the planetarium, the oldest in Thailand, is especially popular. You can “travel into space”, retracingRead More →
  • Madame Tussauds
    Madame Tussauds Bangkok is the most entertaining and interactive attraction of the Merlin Entertainments group (Thailand). We offer visitors a moment in the limelight by making them live amazing, educational and sometimes moving encounters, by putting them in the presence of the biggest celebrities, sports legends, political heavyweights and iconsRead More →
  • Art and culture center
    Art, music, theater, film, design: where else can you find so much at once? Certainly at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center, where cultural and educational events are constantly organized. It is a place that was created to bring together different cultural aspects in one place, creating an extremely interestingRead More →
  • National Gallery
    Bangkok is also capable of providing thrills for contemporary art lovers. One of the most popular art centers is the National Gallery, which takes visitors on a journey through the world of Thai art. History With the increase in trade with the West leading to a shortage of traditional coins,Read More →
  • Chatuchak Market
    Chatuchak Market is undoubtedly one of the main places where every traveler and tourist can shop when visiting Bangkok. With more than 15,000 stores spread over 35 hectares, it is considered the largest street market in Thailand and surely one of the largest open-air markets in the world. Between 200,000Read More →
  • Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)
    MOCA Bangkok (Museum of Contemporary Art) is located on the easily accessible 6th road of Kampang Pethch. It contains a large collection of valuable paintings and sculptures created by famous Thai artists. The key concept of the museum was to communicate, promote and transfer the authentic art and culture ofRead More →