bangkok night

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is a beautiful place that compels people ranging from tourists looking for fun to people going for business purposes to visit. 

It is normal to be nervous if it is your first time visiting, as you are not used to the new location. This article is here to provide you with the best tips when visiting Bangkok to make your stay a memorable one.

1. Get a Good Map

Bangkok can be confusing as a result of its numerous street names, its different expressways to who-knows-where, and its numerous neighborhoods which can not be distinguished easily. So ensure you are ready for your trip, by arming yourself with a good map, which is up to date and translated to the language you know best.

2. Make Sure you Are Properly Hydrated

Bangkok is a place where it is best to be properly hydrated due to its considerably high temperature. Make sure you pack an adequate supply of freshwater or you can buy water in Bangkok as you are never more than a few steps away from a drink vendor. Always make sure that your bottled water is properly sealed and leak-free.

3. Plan Ahead

Bangkok is a large and daunting city. If you want to check all the best and interesting places, you need proper planning. This planning includes deciding your budget so as not to leave you without any funds. Also, make sure you plan for everything, ranging from accommodation to feeding to transportation. 

4. Carry a Photocopy of your Passport and ID

Always walk with a copy of your passport and ID as you don’t know when you might get an impromptu demand of it by a local policeman or if you get in a bit of a jam. If you are scared of losing your passport or ID, carry a photocopy of it. 

This can help you gain access to some places which have an age limit, especially if you look a lot younger or older than your actual age.

5. Try an Organized Tour

It is always best to be part of a tour if you plan on visiting Bangkok. This will give you access to a lot of things that might be restricted to people who are not part of the tour. It reduces the chance of you getting lost, as you are always accompanied by a trusty tour guide who knows the ins and outs of the city. This also reduces your expenses, as the cost includes feeding and accommodation. This also provides you with adequate security and safety than you staying alone.

Final thoughts

Bangkok is a large, beautiful place that attracts many people, but like all places, it is quite easy to be nervous or anxious if you are visiting. The stress that comes when you are unprepared for something can spoil your entire stay. Finally, you can also Explore Bangkok with the Questo is a mobile app. The Questo app provides self-guided walking tours across various cities around the world.