Bangkok planetarium

For families or science and astronomy enthusiasts, the Planetarium & Science Museum in Bangkok is the ideal place to spend a pleasant afternoon discovering many interesting things. The center is spread over four buildings, but the planetarium, the oldest in Thailand, is especially popular. You can “travel into space”, retracingRead More →

Bangkok Art Culture Centre building

Art, music, theater, film, design: where else can you find so much at once? Certainly at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center, where cultural and educational events are constantly organized. It is a place that was created to bring together different cultural aspects in one place, creating an extremely interestingRead More →

national gallery bangkok

Bangkok is also capable of providing thrills for contemporary art lovers. One of the most popular art centers is the National Gallery, which takes visitors on a journey through the world of Thai art. History With the increase in trade with the West leading to a shortage of traditional coins,Read More →

museum contemporary art MOCA

MOCA Bangkok (Museum of Contemporary Art) is located on the easily accessible 6th road of Kampang Pethch. It contains a large collection of valuable paintings and sculptures created by famous Thai artists. The key concept of the museum was to communicate, promote and transfer the authentic art and culture ofRead More →

musée Erawan bangkok

The Erawan Museum is located on the outskirts of Bangkok, so it is not well known in the typical routes of the city. The building and its gardens are extraordinarily beautiful, but it is true that the most striking is the gigantic three-headed elephant that greets visitors imposingly from theRead More →

royal barges museum

The Royal Barges Museum houses eight of the 50 historic boats that form a procession on the water during very important official ceremonies. Their appearance on the water is now extremely rare, only 16 times in the last 65 years. They are all made of teak, beautifully carved and decorated.Read More →

bangkok national museum

This is perhaps the most important museum in the country and the one that represents a good starting point for your vacation in Thailand because you will certainly leave enriched and with a better knowledge of the fascinating past of this land and the local culture. A fascinating journey throughRead More →

jim thompson Bangkok

An integral part of the national museums, Jim Thompson’s house in Bangkok has a collection of exceptional art objects in its teak walls, with an authentic Thai architectural style. More than a visit, the discovery of the domain and its contents is a real cultural journey. Jim Thompson’s Thai homeRead More →

Vimanmek bangkok

A royal residence in gilded teak, built at the end of the 19th century, is now a sumptuous museum open to all. Restored in 1982 under the impetus of Queen Sirikit, the palace has regained its former splendor. In the heart of Bangkok’s Suan Dusit Park, Viman mek (Phra ThiRead More →