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Are you looking for an appealing region to tour? Are you interested in seeing some of the best tourist attractions in the world? If your answer is yes, then Bangkok is one of the best locations for tourism for you to try. From Bangkok’s golden temples, luxurious shopping malls, massage parlors, all the way to its floating markets, and a broad variety of meals, a visit to this region isn’t something you will forget in a hurry. This piece is a guide discussing the best things to do when you visit Bangkok.

Best Thing to do in Bangkok 

  • Give Yourself a Thai Massage

If you are looking for a special activity to enjoy when visiting Bangkok, you can consider getting a body massage. It is affordable as you can get a Thai Massage for as little as $10. The masseuse will gently care for your body and give you relief from body aches making your visit an enjoyable one. It could be the beginning of an exciting tour of the region or the end of a visit. 

  • Go See the Floating Market

If you are yearning for a colorful experience you can enjoy the scenery of Bangkok’s floating markets. The Taling Chan and Khalong Lad Mayom are some of the popular floating markets in Bangkok. These markets are easy to get to and they typically open on weekends, Saturdays, and Sundays specifically. Travelers can navigate their way to these floating markets with public transportation within Bangkok. Take advantage of your holiday and see these wonderful structures. 

  • Visit the Golden Temples of Bangkok 

Bangkok is home to many golden temples where tourists can visit. One of the major temples is the Grand Palace. This building is very large and it contains temples and several royal households. Another notable mention is the temple of the Emerald Buddha. This temple is reportedly the most beautiful of them all when it comes to temples to visit in the region. 

  • Check Out the Jim Thompson Building

The Jim Thompson house has a great history. It is reportedly one of Bangkok’s most relevant tourist attractions. History shows that American architect and merchant Jim Thompson, the person the building is named after, helped to rejuvenate Thailand’s silk sector in the 1940s. In 1950, Thompson (the Jim Thompson House) his Thai-style property. He put many of the antiques he collected from around the world inside the property. In the late 1960’s Thomson fell off the radar mysteriously. 

  • Go to Bangkok’s Shopping Malls

Another place you can visit in Bangkok is the shopping malls. Bangkok’s malls are ultra-modern structures. These buildings house different types of shops and food courts. They are simply amazing and you can try all the exotic delicacies there. You can also shop for other items to take back home or simply do some window shopping as you explore the beautiful sights. 

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